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GemBoy! Pro - GBC Emulator

0.99 usd

GemBoy! Pro - GBC Emulator will provide you the wonderful experience of the classic game top the 1990s. This is no ads version.1. To active option menu: press or hold the menu key on the navigation bar (Back, Home, Menu).2. A GBC game file (ROM file) is necessary to play a game. You can find GBC game files by searching the web3. This application supports GBC file and ZIP file (compressed GBC file).4. A 7z file is not supported.5. Support save and load state, screenshot, In-between press AB, shortcut keys, etc.
* Note: Save game file format such as *.sav, *.ss1, *.ss2, etc ... and is creating the same folder as the game files. If you delete or move files saved game to another folder, this application will not find the save game.